Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Moon Records - Skaface Comp 1988

Here a sample of something from my record collection. It's out of print, so I don't feel wrong posting a little nugget.

Ska Face!! The first American ska comp by Moon Records in 1988. This beauty contains recording debuts of bands like Let's Go Bowling, Donkey Show, No Doubt and Skankhead (the pre-Skankin' Pickle.) I love it so much I''d buy it again. Rad cover art by (I believe) Bob Fingerman who also did The Toasters Skaboom! cover. The tracklisting is as follows

Side 1: Toasters: ska killers; Bim Skala Bim: shoes; Rhyth o matics: skatalation; The Scofflaws: rudy's back; Donkey Show: feeling nice; Let's Go Bowling: b*t@h
Side 2: New York Citizens: dance; Crucial DBC: don't run away; No Doubt: everything's wrong; The Boilers: bal man jump; Skankhead: circus skank; Thick As Thieves: 12th street; Exterminators: big talker

Do you like No Doubt? I Well, I like this song alot.
  • No Doubt - Everything's Wrong

  • P.S. I love hearing your feedback!


    Sleepless Tyrant said...

    "Everything's Wrong" remains my favorite No Doubt song ever. I remember wanting to cover it back in the early days of Go-Go 13, but trying to wrap my head around that keyboard riff made me want to cry.


    Fish Taco said...

    I really like this particular sound - post two-tone, but not yet "fast ska"/"third wave" etc. Also, the best stuff from this era doesn't exactly sound like the European post two-tone stuff either; there's definitely a specifically American feel to it. Are you going to digitize the whole album?

    Parka AKA said...

    The OG Aquabats had this song called, "You've Got a Name, it's a Number" that sounded remarkably like this. I played this record for them to point out the similarities and I think thats why they stopped playing it. Woops, I wished I didn't 'cuz it was a good song too.

    Andy said...

    Oh man this song is amazing. Thanks for posting it! Do you know where I can hear more No Doubt songs that have a similar sound/style as this? I have their self titled and Beacon Street but this sounds a lot differnet from that


    PS. I'm with Fish Taco. You should definitley post the whole album!

    James said...

    I like it a lot and I'd like to hear that 'bats song.

    darryl said...

    Hey there,
    It's neat to see there's still interest in this album. I co-wrote the Skankhead song. I was out of town the day they recorded us and Mike Park sat in for me and played my sax part.

    Thanks for posting it and glad it's still getting played.
    -Darryl Sweet

    rudegirl67 said...

    Skaface is such a fun album. I love 'Feeling Nice' by Donkey Show but clearly, 'Everything's Wrong' ranks right up there with 'Paulina' as the best no Doubt songs ever. Though I must confess I've always been a Bowling girl a heart.

    Love your blog,

    johnny riggs said...

    This IS a great record. I just found a copy in my boss's warehouse space and put it on eBay. I'd sure love to just own it myself, but oh well. Just wanted to say hello, and say I enjoy yr blog.

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