Thursday, November 09, 2006



Earlier this evening we received an email from someone called Donald,

The email contained a link, pointing to:,,

(Copy and paste the link on to one line. The two commas at the
end of the first line ARE part of the URL)

The text on the site reads as follows:

“We require extras for a shoot next monday (13th Nov.)

Applicants must be available for a full 14 hour day.
We are looking to cast 4 police officers ( 3 male, 1
female), 4 criminals and a prostitute.

Each individual will be a featured character in the
video, so potentially good showreel material. The
video is for a track from a forthcoming feature film
and will be played on music channels throughout Europe.
The band, Madness, will be starring alongside 2
comedians who appear in the film.

We can offer £40 for the full day and a DVD copy of the
finished product for use on your showreel. This will be
a great experience for aspiring actors and extras alike.
Only serious applicants should apply.

Please apply now for auditions or more information.

Payment details: £40 for 14 hour day

Created: 7 Nov 2006
Applications accepted until: 13 Nov 2006
Application criteria: Males & Females aged 18 to 60
from UK

If you click on the 'apply now' button found on the page at the above
link you will be prompted to sign-up. The ever-helpful Emma Southerby
has dug into this a little more, and tells us to take part in the shoot
you have to sign up to either a subscription to Star Now's services (a
minimum of 6 months) or pay a one-off fee of £23.70.

Before paying any money we recommend you read the site terms and
conditions as there is a LOT of legal mumbo jumbo to plough through.

This is the only info we have on this. We have no idea who the person
is who sent us the link, or how genuine the company are.

If you decide to get in touch with the company in an effort to get on
the video, please let the rest of us in on what's happening (or if you
have to keep your lip buttoned - what went on!)


Rob Hazelby

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