Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Club Killers

Kids, it's time we get to know the Club Killers. You might already know that Tyler and I are the Nation's advocates for Sweden's Monster and MoneyBrother. GOGO13 even wrote a song about it. I feel like we are America's only fans. I say that because when Moneybrother played last year at the Troubador(their first American gig) we were the only ones that were there for Moneybrother and greeting them as fans. Yes they are genius and they've even won a Grammy in Sweden but nobody in the states has heard of them. Well regardless, Gustav Bendt and Viktor Brobacke of both Monster and MoneyBrother have put together the Club Killers. A 15 piece club ska, r'n'b and reggae power house. I believe the line-up also includes members of Ska Wars.
Now watch this video. I mean it.
Now go buy the album....and then buy me one.


Sleepless Tyrant said...

SO good! I've been trying to find that album ever since I first heard about it! here's their bio:


Anders Hernestam (Weeping Willows mm) - Trummor, Anders Kapelin (Governer Andy) - Bas, Andreas Palmborg (Yellow Fever, Doktor Kosmos) - Trumpet, Anna Maria Espinosa (Moder Jords Massiva mm) - Sång, Christoffer Roth (Dubious) - Trumpet och Sång, Daniel Kantor (Lambrettaklubben, Soulcave mm) - Tenorsax, Emely Ahlsén (Chihuahua) - Barytonsax och Flöjt, Goran Kajfes - Trumpet, Gustav Bendt (Moneybrother, The Solution mm) - Tenorsax och Sång, Ola Nyström (Weeping Willows) - Gitarr, Patrick Andersson (Grand Tone Music mm) - Gitarr och Sång, Patrik Kolar - (Moneybrother, Patrik Kolar & His Funky Friends) - Orgel/Piano), Robert Cronsioe (Weeping Willows, Papa Dee mm) - Klaviatur, Viktor Brobacke (Moneybrother, Chihuahua mm) - Trombon och Sång, Whales Ofili - Sång och Winston Levi (Serious Version, Reggaetarians mm) - Percussion.

A club, a band, a lifestyle.

15-piece band CLUB KILLERS has for the last two years kept people dancing at their underground-hyped club at Debaser in Stockholm. Led by cool cats Gustav Bendt and Viktor Brobacke (Moneybrother, The Solutions etc), “Killers” deliver Rocksteady, Reggae and Ska covers with a real and glorious confidence. Add the sweet voice of Anna Maria Espinosa on the first single/video “Boy I’ve Got A Date” - the atmosphere is amazing and the musical journey unbeatable, plus guest appearances from the crème de la crème of Swedish singers like Moneybrother, Papa Dee, Magnus Carlsson and more.

The live album “Two Nights With Club Killers” was recorded during two intense nights at the club and will show you copious energy from the first track to the last, and give you a fare hint of the fantastic atmosphere created by the band together with it’s audience once a month at a small dark club in Stockholm Sweden.


I'm surprised that this project (much like monster/moneybrother) has gone utterly unnoticed by the "ska community". You'd think that fans of Oceans 11 would be all up in this... Or even fans of swedish pop... eh.. I don't get it. But whatever. Club Killers are awesome, and I'm drooling to get this album.

Brian said...

Wow...that was a great version of me more!!