Friday, September 29, 2006

Redeeming Shawshank

So last year when I saw the ever-so-brilliant recut Shining trailer, i was inspired to do something similar... I wanted to take a very solemn movie and turn it into another dumb Vince Vaughn / Owen Wilson comedy... so I started working on this - "Redeeming Shawshank" and 10 months later it's finally finished. I think it turned out pretty well. Anyhow, check it out.


It's your favorite early nineties hardcore punk band! B.H.R.! What does does B.H.R. stand for? Butt Hole Rebellion? Big Honkey Rednecks? By Heavenly Request? Beelzebub's Honor Roll? Who cares! It's punk rock! Aargh! You might recall B.H.R. from such hits as, "Trestles Will Be Mine", "Beaners Stuck Underwater" and "Psycho Grandma". I just came across this album last night and for some reason it made me pretty happy.
Here's a couple of MP3 tracks for your punk rock pleasure.

  • Dr.Martens

  • Everything

  • Here's the back cover. The shirtless guy singing is my friend Mark "The Shark" Howe. He was also in this surf-punk outfit known as "The Immortals". He's still rockin' out today, but I don't recall who he's playing with now.

    What a handsome bunch of decent looking young

    ...Crash McLarson?

    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    HR Pufnstuf blog

    I've been meaning to post this for weeks. It looks like some very talented folks are doing an updated cartoon version to H.R. Pufnstuf. It looks rad. They've got a blog going too.check it out.

    I waaaaaaant it...I waaaaaaant it

    The Office Espionage Kit

    Thought some of you free agents might get a kick out of this... link

    Friday, September 22, 2006

    Some Things Speak For Themselves

    Oi! This Is England (Teaser Trailer)

    I saw this on the Dancin' Mood Board. "Oi! This Is England" is an upcoming film by British filmmaker, Shane Meadows. Set in 1983, It's an autobiographical look at his growing up in England as a young skinhead who runs in with the National Front. At first I was put off by the thought of yet ANOTHER movie about racist skins... then I saw the trailer and was blown away. I couldn't believe how great this looks. Finally, the accurate movie about skinheads that I've been waiting for! I'm just sad I didn't make it. :)

    It recently screened at the London Film Festival and now they have a teaser/trailer up.


    EDIT: Parka couldn't see it at worked so I did the world a favor and YouTube'd it.

    Thursday, September 21, 2006

    Ska - For ska's sake

    Download Me:

    Ska - For ska's sake - Various Artists 1989

    It's hard to express the effect this album had on me. This represents the state of European ska 10 years after 2-tone.
    Some of this is so cheesy and some of this is brilliant. But for the teenage me it was a musical salvation and I was too young to decifer the difference. "Another Town" by Mr. Review remains one of my favorite songs of all time. "Skadansk" by Mark Foggo's Skasters is SO cheeseball that I couldn't handle it. But today I celebrate you, Mark! I Celebrate you all!
    I hope you enjoy...this is my youth.

    The Ultimate Energy Drink!

    At least they're being honest.
    See for yourself...

    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    Me and Leslie Hall

    So yesterday Leslie and I sang a heartfelt love ballad together. What a doll. I think...I'll never be the same.
    Check out her vest collection of gem sweaters:
  • Gem Sweaters

  • Or watch one of her rap videos!

    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    The Jam - Marc Bolan Show - All Around The World Live

    OK so this isn't my first time posting something about the Jam, but I had to share. My friend Micah told me about this and it's pretty amazing. The Jam guest starring on the Marc Bolan(from T. Rex) Show. This shows how strange mod was emerging from the glam era. Marc Bolan is so regal! So amazing, so bizarre.


    So dude, where's Tyler?

    I'm so tired of having to repeat myself so I'll let Edward say it for me.
  • Tyler
  • Thursday, September 07, 2006


    Someone should cover this song!

    Wake up!

    Some of my sidework...

    Shorty McShort's Shorts - Boyz On Da Run

    Here's a sample of some freelance work I recently did for the Disney Channel. I did the lettering for the titlecard and da boyz' names at the beginning. I'd assume that I wasn't credited because it was some quick last minute freelance. Regardless, I'm very grateful for the oppurtunity to do it. Thanks you Mike Moon!

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    GOGO13 MP3: "MONSTER!"

    Just a quick web update:
    For the first time ever you can listen to the song, "Monster" that we recorded 2 years ago!

    Just click on the music section link
  • GOGO13

  • Stay tuned for more treats!

    Swim Herschel Swim - B U R N S W I M B U R N MP3s

    download the whole album

    Here's a blast from the past! The greatest Utah Ska band of all time.
    This album was an attempt to show that they were stepping out of the straight up ska format but only proved that they broke up. Regardless of genre, they were great musicians, songwriters and performers.
    A couple of Gems--"Lords Stinky of Winsor" "Bigot" and "General"
    I love you Swim...wherever you are.

    Rude Boys London reggae 1970