Sunday, April 30, 2006

VIDEO: Monster - You'll Be Sorry

This is a fast and furious little song. The urgency of Anders' voice is pretty intense. Great video too. It's a high-tension race on the highway as the band tries to save Anders from presumably, his girlfriend - which fits very well with they lyrics. I'm not exactly sure what the ending means, but it's rad anyway. If you're digging Monster, be sure to add them on myspace.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

VIDEO: Monster - The Longest Line

Here's another Monster video featuring the band playing semi-live. I love this song. They did a Dub remix of it on a B-side somewhere that's really nice... The ending pretty funny too...

Friday, April 28, 2006

New Limited Vespas

I usually despise new scooters. I loved the Stella by Genuine Scooters but they aren't legal in California, so whoop-de-doo. But Vespa announced these 3 limited models for their 60th anniversary and I think I like the design. Oh well, I think these are only available in Italy, so I guess I'm out again.

  • 2 Stroke Buzz article

  • p.s. Hope to see you at the show tomorrow!

    More Video fun!: The Toasters Radiation Skank

    One of my favorite Toasters songs and probably their best video because they aren't even in it!! So long, Buck ;D !

    VIDEO: Monster - Don't Answer The Phone

    If you know me, you'll know that I try to get everyone I know to listen to Monster at every chance I get. See, they're from sweden and broke up back in 2000. I've converted a few fans and hope to reach more because they're just so good. They describe themselves as "The Clash meets The Supremes". If that doesn't pique your interest, then you must be dead. Anyhow, they combine punk, reggae, soul, ska and rock so well... I wouldn't dare call them a "ska-punk" band. They were so beyond all of that. But maybe that's the closest thing people can grasp. Parker called them the "rudest non-ska band ever"... but whatever - enough of my vague contradictory descriptions...

    This video is one of their earlier ones. I love the low budget video style, the dance breakdown in the middle, the style is killer... if you look carefully you can see the book "Boss Sounds : A Guide to Skinhead Reggae" on the table. Enjoy!

    I'll be adding more Monster videos in the days to come... I ripped these from Burning Heart's "Hang the VJ" DVD, and if you like it, go buy it!! :)

    Thursday, April 27, 2006

    News update over at The Aquabats! camp

  • The Aquabats! news
  • Gangster Fun - I'd Buy a Gun

  • Gangster Fun - I'd Buy a Gun (Streaming clip)
  • Does anybody remember Gangster Fun? Well this little tune from the legendary
  • Mashin' Up The Nation: The Best Of American Ska
  • compilation is what put them on the map. I think they'll be most remembered as the band that did "wacky" ska covers. They were probably the first. Well, this little original tune that declares, "I'd buy a gun if I had a million dollars!!!" is pretty wacky but pretty awesome. A good example of what we used to call "Hectic ska". Not exactly "ska-punk" or "skunk" or "ska-core" but very fast and driving. I love how non-PC this song is too. Come on! "...Life would be so groovy, if I owned an uzi..."!?!

    P.S. The album cover by is by an old friend of the family,
  • Mr. Evan Dorkin.
  • Wednesday, April 26, 2006

    Madness Video Treasure Trove

    Back in the day Parker and I had a VHS video called "Complete and Utter Madness". It was a collection of both their Greatest Hits albums in video format (first their 'ska' era and then their pop era. Both equally as good if you ask me.. okay almost.).... Parker and I used to watch it over and over again and study their every move. Now thanks to the magic of the internet, here are the videos at no cost to you.

    1. The Prince

    2. One Step Beyond

    3. Bed And Breakfast Man

    4. My Girl

    5. Night Boat To Cairo

    6. Baggy Trousers

    7. Embarrassment

    8. Return Of The Los Palmas 7

    9. Grey Day

    10. Shut Up

    11. It Must Be Love

    12. Cardiac Arrest

    13. House Of Fun

    14. Driving In My Car

    15. Our House

    16. Tomorrow’s Just Another Day
    (actual video is missing, so here's a live performance)

    17. Wings Of A Dove

    18. The Sun And The Rain

    19. Michael Caine

    20. One Better Day

    21. Yesterday’s Men

    22. Uncle Sam

    23. Sweetest Girl

    24. Waiting For The Ghost Train

    okay, so sorry for the missing ones, but this should keep you busy for long enough. :)

    Oi Skall Mates - Sadness

    I nearly died when I saw this video. So amazing. These guys are great... but apparently everyone I knew saw it ages ago. go figure.

    Skinhead history lesson

    In light of the awesome Ska & Soul History Lesson, here's another video with Laurel Aitken and Buster Bloodvessel talking about skinheads and skinhead culture... It's the goods.

    Mr. Review LIVE

    Mr. Review is a legendary post-2Tone band from The Netherlands. They've been a favorite of mine and ParkaAKA's for many many years. This is a video I just found of them playing "Prejudice" live... I don't know how old it is or what... see if you can spot see any shirtless skinheads. You'll have to look hard! hahaha

    Ska & Soul history lesson

    I love it I love it.

    Tuesday, April 25, 2006

    I'm a blog contributor

    Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog. Blog Blob Glob Glub Flub Club Clue Glue Blue. Blog Blog Blog, Blog Blog.

    Last Year's Shelved GOGO13 Cartoon

    Here's some images from last year's GOGO13 Cartoon that I wasn't able to finish. It was a super cool surf spy adventure with ninjas and cameos from Bluebeat Lounge regulars. I've shelved it to make room for things like this project I've been working on for "Yo Gabba Gabba". Maybe I can get back into the swing of it this Summer, but honestly I'd rather have a new GOGO13 album out, wouldn't you?

    M.C. Bat Commmander Visits Paul Frank Industries

    So the M.C.B.C visited PFI on Friday. He was asked to sign his name on the wall in the PF band practice room.The said wall has autographs from Bad Religion to Avril Lavigne to Kelly Osbourne to legenday artist/filmmaker Thomas Campbell. I was amazed at how his doodle shamed everthing else on that wall. Behind the Commander, on either side of the beam were drawings of guardian wizards Falcor and Mulchcap. Seriously Awesome.
  • The Aquabats!
  • The Jam - Strange Town

    AHH, memories of London. But mostly, memories of Tyler Jacobs' cinema classic and directorial debut, "Moot Local".
    Take it away Paul...

    Planet of the Apes - The Ultimate DVD Collection

    WHAT THE WHAT THE WHAT THE WHAT???? It's EVERYTHING Planet of the Apes!!!!I want that head! Check it out!!
  • (of the Ape)s

  • From Chuck Heston to the cartoon series to Tim
    * * * *

    Until I can afford to buy that I guess I'll settle for the one thing they left out...
  • VIA Bubblegum Fink

    Crazy Horses.
    The second most important song of last century. I think.

  • ITunes Osmondmania!

    It's free cone day at Ben & Jerry's
    What diet? Everybody scream!!
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  • Amazing!

    Look at me!...Ima BLOGGING!

    Monday, April 24, 2006


    Tired of having to cut your hot dogs into octopus shapes all by yourself? I know I am. That's why I want an "Octodog Frankfurter converter". It's this little thingamajig that cuts your favorite wiener into an octopus shape for you. Apparently, the logical reasoning is that by cutting the hot dog laterally you can reduce the risk of choking. But screw that! I want a hot dog shaped like an octopus now!!
    But seriously folks, since learning of this wonderful contraption I have sliced up many an octopus shaped hot dog...but I still have yet to drop the $16.95 (+ shipping & handling) for the actual frankfurter converter. I guess the plus is that it comes with little cartoon eyeballs that you can remove and place in the 'dog for the full octopus effect.
    I'm just waiting for the Muno the Cylops(from the Aquabats!/Yo Gabba Gabba!) version to come out.
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  • 2 Tone Archive Photos

    I didn't know about this when the exhibition came out. It's a collection of photos documenting the 2tone era. The Body Snatchers, The Selecter, Madness & Bad Manners shot in various locations back in the day. I like the ska.
  • link
  • Upcoming Show Flyer

    So here's the flyer. I guess that means we should practice, huh?

    Yeah Glog!

    So Yeah,
    I'm super stoked for Saturday, there a flyers posted all over HBHS, CSUF, and OCC, i hope a lot of kids show up. But yeah, practice wednesday right? I got the day off 'cause I really wanna come.