Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Madness Video Treasure Trove

Back in the day Parker and I had a VHS video called "Complete and Utter Madness". It was a collection of both their Greatest Hits albums in video format (first their 'ska' era and then their pop era. Both equally as good if you ask me.. okay almost.).... Parker and I used to watch it over and over again and study their every move. Now thanks to the magic of the internet, here are the videos at no cost to you.

1. The Prince

2. One Step Beyond

3. Bed And Breakfast Man

4. My Girl

5. Night Boat To Cairo

6. Baggy Trousers

7. Embarrassment

8. Return Of The Los Palmas 7

9. Grey Day

10. Shut Up

11. It Must Be Love

12. Cardiac Arrest

13. House Of Fun

14. Driving In My Car

15. Our House

16. Tomorrow’s Just Another Day
(actual video is missing, so here's a live performance)

17. Wings Of A Dove

18. The Sun And The Rain

19. Michael Caine

20. One Better Day

21. Yesterday’s Men

22. Uncle Sam

23. Sweetest Girl

24. Waiting For The Ghost Train

okay, so sorry for the missing ones, but this should keep you busy for long enough. :)

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Plum said...

At last ! I found some Madness Videos ! Please try and get Uncle Sam !