Monday, April 24, 2006


Tired of having to cut your hot dogs into octopus shapes all by yourself? I know I am. That's why I want an "Octodog Frankfurter converter". It's this little thingamajig that cuts your favorite wiener into an octopus shape for you. Apparently, the logical reasoning is that by cutting the hot dog laterally you can reduce the risk of choking. But screw that! I want a hot dog shaped like an octopus now!!
But seriously folks, since learning of this wonderful contraption I have sliced up many an octopus shaped hot dog...but I still have yet to drop the $16.95 (+ shipping & handling) for the actual frankfurter converter. I guess the plus is that it comes with little cartoon eyeballs that you can remove and place in the 'dog for the full octopus effect.
I'm just waiting for the Muno the Cylops(from the Aquabats!/Yo Gabba Gabba!) version to come out.
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