Thursday, April 27, 2006

Gangster Fun - I'd Buy a Gun

  • Gangster Fun - I'd Buy a Gun (Streaming clip)
  • Does anybody remember Gangster Fun? Well this little tune from the legendary
  • Mashin' Up The Nation: The Best Of American Ska
  • compilation is what put them on the map. I think they'll be most remembered as the band that did "wacky" ska covers. They were probably the first. Well, this little original tune that declares, "I'd buy a gun if I had a million dollars!!!" is pretty wacky but pretty awesome. A good example of what we used to call "Hectic ska". Not exactly "ska-punk" or "skunk" or "ska-core" but very fast and driving. I love how non-PC this song is too. Come on! "...Life would be so groovy, if I owned an uzi..."!?!

    P.S. The album cover by is by an old friend of the family,
  • Mr. Evan Dorkin.
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    Anonymous said...

    i dated the trombone players sister to get a copy of come see come ska. i know them better than anyone. saw them about 55 times.