Thursday, November 30, 2006

granadians - la burra


Fish Taco said...

I have nothing but respect for bands that can play in such an authentic style, but lately I've come to think that Los Granadians overdo things a bit. The sound tends to be a bit pompous...

lazy said...

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Rankin"Full Stop.
Mirror In The Bathroom.
Mirror In The Dubroom.
Hands Of She's Mine.
Stand Down Margaret.
Whine & Grine.
I Confess.
Doors Of Your Heart.
Twist & Crawl.
Too Nice To Talk To.
Psychedlic Rock.
Save It For Later.
Cant Get Used To Losing You.

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07.Ghost Town (org/rmx).
08.Sock It To Em JB!!.
09.Enjoy Yourself.
10.Doesn't Make It Alright.
11.Blank Expression.
12.A Message To You Rudy.
13.Stupid Marriage.
14.Too Much Too Young.
15.Its Up To You.
16.You're Wondering.

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