Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ebay find: Magic Chicken Hits!

I remember making this years ago! Autographed by the Aquabats, The Professor and the Pigbat, this was the Magic Chicken's celebrity playlist CD mix. This cover was supposed to look like a record that you'd find in a 1960's bargain bin. We made 20 and sold them only once at a show in San Diego. It was a silly idea, but we (I mean,"the Magic Chicken") sold them all quickly. Now someone else is trying to cash in on it today. You go, ebay person!

  • The Magic Chicken Hits CD on ebay

    Sleepless Tyrant said...

    this cracks me up! I hand-cut that cover myself. This is what you get when you do a LimeWire search for "Chicken" and add a little creative packaging. oh what fun!

    martin said...

    I wanted it but it sold for $61 and I do not have that kind of money.