Friday, October 13, 2006

The Aquabats - 1999 Self Defense Techniques (1 of 2)

Self defense is important. You never know when someone might call you an idiot, offer you some nuggets or ask you for a dollar.
I'm sorry, but this Bat Commander dude is an improvisational genius.
Thanks Pigbat and Bugjuice...wherever you are.


Sleepless Tyrant said...

thanks to Craigly Panhead for posting these on the Aquabats Message Board!

I hadn't seen these in years and in fact, we wanted to put these on the Serious Awesomeness DVD, but we couldn't find them and BugJuice had already gone under.

long live youtube!

Parka AKA said...

Thanks craig!

Anonymous said...

Relates in no way to the entry, but I wanted to get this to you guys somehow and this just seemed to be the easiest way.
So here, have some anonymous fanart;

Cute interviews by the way. :]

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