Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Vintage Ska Album Covers

I have a mild obsession for vintage album covers. Like back when I was a kid, my parents gave me the choice between buying,"The Smurfs All Star Show" on Vinyl or cassette. Even back then I knew that vinyl was going the way of the dinosaur and that cassettes don't scratch. Regardless, I opted for the record because I could listen to it while gazing at the super awesome album cover artwork. But I digress...
About a year a go when I was working for SHAG, I stumbled across Under The Hat from Amsterdam. A Super cool site in itself, check it out the Ska Album covers.
  • Under The Hat
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    In the early '90's at several ska shows I picked up Dill Records 'Misfits of Ska' with Bride of Frankenstein cover art and 'The Bruce Lee Band' with Bruce Lee on the cover art. In addition, I have an Asian Man Records first press of the first press of The Chinkees '...are coming' with the obsolete cover art. I can not find any information on these obscure albums on the web. Nobody has these first press Dill Records copies. Do you have any information on these albums, approximate worth and any history? Thank you kindly.