Monday, May 15, 2006

Merc Toys Series 2

Oooooh yeaeeeaah! The Merc has made more of our favourite toys for all of you Brit subculture nuts. Here come Neville, Stevie, Johnny and Peggy. This time I'm afraid that they've gotten a little too close to who they are stereo-typing. "Stevie" looks exactly like Steve Marriot from the Small Faces. "Neville" the rude boy figure is close enough the Specials' Neville Staples for legal action and 'Johnny" is so blatantly Rotten it's sick. It's close enough that out of those 3 pop icons that some money sniffing lawyers will come out of the woodwork ready to gouge. "Peggy" just resembles yer typical skinbyrd with a chelsea cut that they threw in the mix(unless I overlooked something). Well whether the Merc gets sued or not, they are pretty cool and I want one. My birthday''s coming up pretty soon...:D

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