Monday, May 01, 2006

VIDEO: Monster - Aint Going Nowhere

In The fourth and final video in our Monster video series, we see the guys walking the streets at night and having a showdown with a rival gang of hippies (...?). This was the first thing I ever saw or heard of Monster and at first I couldn't tell if it I hated it or if it was the coolest thing ever. I decided on the latter. For any of you Go-Go 13 junkies, you'll now know where their song "monster" came from.

This song kinda illustrates their transition in music. Their final album "Gone Gone Gone / A Bash Dem" was much less punk and much more soul. (they did an excellent cover of Lauren Hill's "Ex-Factor") When they finally reformed as Moneybrother, the soul influence was unmistakeable.

So enjoy this video. It reminds me of The Warriors meets Hair or Jesus Christ Superstar. A bit weird... but embrace it. These guys are genius.

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