Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Untouchables in Repo Man

I think this is when I first thought Rude Boys were so awesome.
We used to watch the taped-off TV version of Repo Man as kids. We idolized punk rock, but these scooter guys(The Untouchables) were the only thing I thought was cooler than the punkers in this movie. They were all 60's sharp and yet tall and intimidating when they walked into this shot. You knew that Otto was toast.
Well, whatever you might think of the Untouchables today, they were very important to the American mod/ska scene. Yes there is a big 80's cheese factor, but The Untouchables were seminal. I kinda thought that it was like Jerry Dammers passing the torch when I found out that he produced I SPY(FOR THE FBI). I understand the Untouchables were also California's first scooter club. Much respect, live and let dance.

(insert rad reverby surf guitar)

"It's very simple, Mrs. Parks. You don't want me to take it, and I don't want to. I said to my boss: Look, I don't want to repossess this lady's car."

"How was rehearsal, son?" -------- "Okay. Who's this?"

"This is Mr. Otto, deary. From the finance company. He told me he isn't going to take the car this time, even though he could."

"Well...gotta get going."

(from inside) "...I'm tired of giving you money, and you squandering it. You all went out dancing somewhere!" (Otto revs her car and we find it's up on jacks)

"Hey, everything's cool! I like music too, man!" (Biff! Bang! Pow!!)

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