Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Absolute Beginners the Play

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Absolute Beginners didn't work as a film, but I have much higher hopes for the theatrical production at the Lyric Theatre in London, which runs from 26th April - 26th May 2007.

The plot stays faithful to the must-read book - a young modernist photographer's take on life on the streets of late 50s West London, played out against a backdrop of emerging racial hatred - and the theatre promises sets that faithfully re-create that late 50s coffee bar vibe.

There's also a soundtrack of authentic tunes of the era, alongside an original score by contemporary jazz composer Soweto Kinch, direction by the highly-rated Roy Williams and strong cast of theatre production regulars.

So it all sounds promising, although you'll not know for sure unless you go along. The month-long season includes some matinee performances, with tickets priced between £9 and £27.

Find out more at the Lyric Theatre website

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