Friday, March 30, 2007


Today I won the Paul Frank Annual Moustache Contest! I can't believe it!!!
Grampa Jacobs would be so proud of me!

Here I am wearing the trophy around my neck. Note the chest-stache hiding underneath my long johns.

This is me testing my amazing feats of moustache strength! That's Benjamin "IIIIII'm Julius!" Soto on the mike. Ben's fiance (yes a girl!) wore a matching roller skating outfit as well...but no moustache.


ryan said...
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ryan said...

Wow congrats. You did a great job.

But not this great a job. Boothy/ Mustache.jpg

PS let me know when I can come by and banjo-it-up.

-Ryan Booth

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be honest wirh you... as impressive and prolific as that mustache may be.. it's only the 4th greastest... the first 3 great mustaches are as follows...

Saddam Hussen
Sam Elliot
and Mexican President Vicente Fox

Mike the intern said...

Parker, your moustache capabalities amaze me. When you are elected dictator of America, your statues will be constructed in two pieces: the body of iron, and the moustache of gold.

james said...

I only wish I could grow a moustache that great. Somehow it seems like you need really dark hair to get that kind of body and volume in a moustache. I do think you should join up with me at though. Why stop the winning there. Compete!