Friday, February 09, 2007

Why I still love Scott Klopfenstein

Way back in... 1992(?) My cousins, The Schultzes were always known for having rad parties at their house. I think their house was more like a local hang out where people just stayed if they needed to. There was always something going on there every night and it was always a great time. Often they'd have bands play in their tiny living room.

One year, Nanette (Schultz) had a big birthday party. Scott Klopfenstein (my best friend at the time) and I went and had a blast. Space Monster "M" played. It was Christian's band long before the Aquabats. He wore a florescent pink gorilla suit with a bone necklce and wrestling mask. They played in the crowded living room and they had two guys exterminator jumpsuits and boxing gloves. They were actually throwing punches to keep the crowd back. I think they did a really dark messed up version of "Sugar Sugar" but that's all I remember about their music but it was definitely one of the scariest bands I ever saw.

Fresh Curd opened, which was Parka and The Seaghost's acoustic-y thing. I think they sang a song about pirates, but I don't remember fully.

Parker had hand-screened like 20 T-shirts for the show, each one unique. I think there was even a hypercolor one. Scott, Parker and I walked around the party trying to sell them all so he'd make his money back. I think we finally got rid of them. I had one for a long time, but I don't know what happened to it.

Then a few months ago, I found these pictures on someones
blog somewhere. It was from some Reel Big Fish fans who met Scott and took pics with him. Lo and behold, the legendary tee-shirt appeared before my eyes. I knew I must post it. I was so stoked to see that Scott still had his shirt and was wearing it out on tour.

I saw him at a show at Chain Reaction last year and we spent the whole time catching up. It was like old times all over again. I love that guy. Scott, if you're reading this, give me a call! If you're still living in NY, we need to hang out!!


Parka AKA said...

When we were kids I remember you Scott (and I)sneaking into Christian's room and listening to his music(Like his Fishbone EP). Then when when Scott announced that he wasn't going to the same High School as you because he was going to pursue a music career(playing the trumpet!?!), I thought he was nuts. I've since learned not to doubt anyone following a dream.

P.S. Parka AKA is just a screen name. You can call me Parker if you want to.

Sleepless Tyrant said...

yeah I remember telling him it was just a pipe dream. I was so mad at him for moving away. oops!!

I like calling you Parka. it's one less letter to type. :D