Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fun MP3 Blogs!

I just discovered this great little MP3 blog, Sound of the Streets. It looks like it's just beginning, but they're headed in a great direction. Nice choice of Oi, 2-Tone ska, Mod Revival, Psychobilly, etc. Click the banner below!

Oh, and I thought I might plug a couple of my other favorite mp3 blogs:

You and Me on a Jamboree! (classic ska/reggae/rocksteady blog - updated daily)

Rock Army (huge rock/indie/hiphop etc. blog - updated constantly.)

Ritmono Presenta (rock/indie/hiphop etc. blog - updated frequently)

Relax Your Socks (French-based rock/indie/hiphop etc. blog - updated frequently)

Born in the Basement (Obscure punk blog with occasional gems)

That should be enough for you all to chew on for a while.


Parka AKA said...

NIce Tyler! Thanks!

Geno said...

You probably know this one already, but I've found many a classic single here --


Adam16bit said...

Speaking of MP3s, I noticed just goes to your MySpace and having just seen you play in AZ the other night opening for the Aquabats, uh, I can't download those. Any chance of reposting your old MP3s to download? Like, to buy too?