Saturday, April 28, 2007

G13 meeting

Cris and Ben standing around Parker's desk at Gabba.
video chat with Tyler on the east coast(dose he ever sleep?)
Ben Trying to load the holy grail(CS3) on one of the g5's
notice the g13 target on a cabinet in the break room.
couldnt get anough of the video chat, johnny later added in with some audio chat.
wardrobe discussion for the up coming gig.
Parker showed us the coolest video of gabba production sped up.
mango fluke, cris and myself

"oh what fun we had, but at the time it seemed so bad"


Sleepless Tyrant said...

Wow how weird to see it all from the other side... I guess I don't sleep. I was up until 5 last night watching Buffalo 66. hmm...

Rainbow Robot said...

Haha. Parker's computer... That's great.

Upcoming gig? Sounds good...