Wednesday, December 13, 2006

English Beat-inspired track from... The SHINS?!

Check out this B-side (to Phantom Limb) by The Shins "Split Needles (Alt Version)". I was blown away to hear how rocking, energetic and almost ska-y it is! Especially if you've heard the original version. You can definitely hear "Mirror in the Bathroom" in there... plus I love the new-wavey keyboards... awesome.

Download it here via

"Wincing The Night Away" isn't out until January, but like most of the other evil pirates out there, I've been rocking it for the past couple of months. And... IT. IS. AWESOME.

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Grik said...

i guess im one of those evil pirates!
i dig the shins alot and this track is like hyped up dance electronic meets 2wave. its almost to much to handle, but i like it!